Isn’t Technology making us Less Sociable?

Last month we had a college reunion party and so I had gone to Kolkatta to attend it. It was after six years that I was visiting my college and I was really excited about catching up with old friends. After graduation, I had lost touch with some of them and so wanted to reconnect with them and try to relive some of our old memories. I was really looking forward to meeting them and having heart-to-heart conversations like we used to have during our college days. However I hardly had one. I did have several conversations with some of my old friends whom I hadn’t met in all these years, but I felt like their attention was somewhere else all the while even though they were physically present before me. Invariably every second person was busy looking into their phones every now and then or typing on them. They were hardly listening to me with attention.

With technological advancements and advent of smartphones and social media, people should have come more closer to each other but instead, the opposite is happening – they have gone further away from each other. People have become so obsessed with technology that they don’t pay enough attention to what is happening around them. Now you see that everywhere – be it during family dinner parties where the family members would be busy attending to phone calls or texting even on the dinner table or even during a date.

Thanks to so many social networking sites and apps like whatsapp, viber, we chat etc, we remain constantly connected socially in the virtual world and yet remain so far away from our relationships in the real world! Our social interactions is eating up so much of our time and attention that we are left with hardly any to devote to our real relationships.

It’s unfortunate that people today prefer spending their time on their smart phones and other gadgets to forge relationships in the virtual world rather than spending it in having a real conversation with their family or friends or even neighbours. People don’t realise that it’s way better to have a pleasant conversation with real people than those superficial interactions.

I feel our society is losing its sense of human interaction. People have embraced technology so tightly and have become so obsessed with them that they have started to ignore their real relationships. It’s high time we pause and reassess. More than having hundreds of social connections, what’s important is to connect with people in person. Taking out time and spending that with your loved ones – that’s what constitutes the real togetherness. If only people could understand! Sigh!


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Sadly virtual communications have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Today we have a generation who can’t think of a world without smart phones or social networking. They have become second nature to the youth. What’s worrisome is that even young children today prefer to spend their leisure time playing with gadgets like interactive video games,  smartphones, ipods or mp3 players rather than indulging in some outdoor activity. As a result they are becoming lethargic and may develop health problems later on. It’s understandable that nowadays when most families have both the parents working, it becomes difficult for them to take out time for some outdoor playtime with their kids every day. However for a kid, some form of physical activity is very essential not only to keep obesity and other health problems at bay but also to improve their overall psychological well-being.

What better activity to indulge in than gardening? Not only does it offer great learning opportunities to kids but also when done together with your family, it can help in making family bonds get stronger. As parents, taking out time for some group activity with your kid, like involving him in raising a plant, is a good way to engage and connect with him. You are actually gifting him lifelong memories to cherish. Gardening can be both exciting as well as satisfying for a kid. When entrusted with a task like digging the soil or sowing seeds or watering the plants, he feels himself to be a part of the group and so learns to be responsible. While taking care of the seeds that he would have sown until they grow into plants, he learns another important life lesson – to be patient. In addition to that, gardening can be a very good form of physical exercise. Besides, by gardening, the kids learn to connect with the Mother nature too. This delightful video shows how easy it is actually to build and strengthen relationships and thereby enjoy the joys of real togetherness.

This post has been written for the “Kissanpur’s Real Togetherness”, sponsored by Kissan. It is all about breaking free of our relatively superficial online communications via technology and instead building meaningful relationships with our loved ones in the real world.
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