Making a Gold Morning

I love the freshness of the early mornings. Nothing compares to the wonderful feeling of waking up in the morning feeling fresh and in a good positive mood. Each morning brings with it endless possibilities and opportunities to add value to our lives and if we wake up with a positive spirit and attitude, our entire day goes well. Our good mornings turn into gold mornings if we wake up in a happy mood, with a smile. So I make sure that I wake up early in the morning.

I go to bed at around 10 pm in the night and make sure that my bed is comfortable and there are no disturbances around so that I get a sound sleep. Because whether we wake up feeling fresh and in a good mood or not depends on how good we slept the previous night. A good eight hours of undisturbed sleep not only gives adequate rest to the body but also upon waking up, we feel rejuvenated.

I love waking up to the early rays of the dawning sun. I have also kept my bed beside the window and before going to sleep, I draw the curtains out so that I do not miss out on the positive energy that the sunrise brings with it. The early rays of the sun soothes my mind and I feel ready for the day.

colgateThe next most important morning activity that I do is to brush my teeth, gums and tongue and rinse my mouth clean. I prefer using Colgate gel toothpaste and Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush for cleaning because there can’t be a better oral care regimen than Colgate toothpaste and Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush. Its soft bristles reach the interiors of the mouth and help in cleaning away all residual impurities and germs from our mouth. So after brushing, we feel fresh and completely awake.


Brushing is followed by yoga. I devote about half an hour daily to do pranayam and other asanas of Yoga. Doing even ten or fifteen minutes of yoga on an empty stomach leaves me feeling renewed. Doing Yoga or any other form of light exercise in the morning helps in improving the blood circulation and we feel very light and active.

Then comes adding fuel to the body for the entire day – having a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I never skip my breakfast. For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so I make sure that I include lots of vitamins, proteins and minerals in my diet, in the form of fruit juice, chapathis, dal and some nuts.

This is how I turn my good mornings into gold mornings.


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