About Me


1I am Prangyan. Now how do I define myself? Okay, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a wife. But above all else, I am a woman. Here in this blog, I will be writing not just about life but also about my first love – Food.

Ever since I was a child, I used to love watching mamma cook. I would often stand beside her while she was cooking to observe and tried to learn the nuances of cooking. So my mamma was my first teacher as far as cooking goes. Also whenever I used to eat something delicious somewhere, be it with my family or with my friends, I would try to work out in my mind what all ingredients had been used for preparing it and then would try to cook it at home. Sometimes I failed and sometimes I succeeded in emulating the same taste. But that’s how, by hit and trial, I learnt cooking most of the Odiya and Indian dishes. To my luck, I also got a foodie in my husband and my mother-in-law too is a great cook herself. So there has never been any shortage of encouragement from my family to continue with my kitchen experiments and exploits.

This blog will be more of an online diary of my exploits in the kitchen as well as about my life experiences.


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